Bonding & Grounding

Everybody understands Grounding.  Drive a stake in the ground and attach a wire to it, pretty simple -- conceptually anyway. Bonding is a little harder.  Bonding requires you to tie all the utility grounds together.  The equipment, the cable shield and the other utilities in the area should all share the same ground potential with less than 4 ohms difference. If you Ground but fail to Bond you may put yourself in danger and you can put the ADSL Loop Extender in the best ground path for a nearby lightning strike.

When lightning hits a nearby tree, it will create an electric field that radiates through the ground in all directions. If the telephone ground rod is closer to the strike than the other utilities' ground rods, you can have big problems.  In this situation there will be a large voltage between the ground and the service pairs because of the common ground point at the customer premise.  The lightning's electric field may pass through the telephone ground rod and into the loop extender & service pairs until it can find a better path to the other utility grounds. 

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 Bonding vs. Loop Extenders 

 The decision to use loop extenders vs. bonding is really easy.  Loop extenders outperform bonding in most applications and should be your first choice.  But the two technologies used together can give you benefits that far exceed either when used alone.  The charts that follow should give you a good idea about when to use each technology.


bonding reach rate chart


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GoDigital, Phylogy AdrenaLine Replacement Program

Telephone companies are installing STROWGER broadband loop extenders as an economically and technically superior replacement for GoDigital and Phylogy AdrenaLine units.

Telephone companies continue to report exceptional results with their GoDigital and Phylogy AdrenaLine replacement programs. Typical replacement projects result in doubling the capacity of the line and fewer truck rolls. GoDigital Xcel-4a systems just aren't delivering on the promise of ADSL Everywhere. The performance of the latest version has been seriously disappointing and the costs of upgrading are unmanagable.

The Phylogy AdrenaLine performed reasonably well, but was always so fussy about placement.  Now as they get older, customers are compaining about truck-rolls.  The Strowger Infinite Reach ADSL solution can deliver any rate to any distance and is replacing obsolete GoDigital and Phylogy systems all across the globe.

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Infinite Reach Broadband

Infinite Reach Broadband

What is Infinite Reach Broadband? And for that matter, why should you care? Well, about 100 million people, or one third of the country, lack access to high-speed Internet (HSI), according to the Federal Communication Commission (FCC). Infinite Reach Broadband via xDSL is our solution to this digital divide.


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