How do we do this?

Through the use of innovative technology, aggregated from around the world, that has been transformed into a cohesive solution. A combination of analog Loop Extenders, Digital Regenerators, and VDSL boosters enables the Infinite Reach Broadband product line -- a way to truly Connect America.

How can I do this?


In most rural telephone companies, this is standard operating procedure.  All you have to do is order the parts and install.  And we're here to help you with training and telephone support.

But a couple of the bigger telcos are holding back -- too many approvals required.  The operations side of the Telco "gets" this.  The guys selling and installing DSL know they need a way to improve the reach and rate of their services to make service delivery more predictable.   In every company it takes a maverick; you know the guy - self confident and looking for that next promotion.

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Watch our video overview of the Infinite Reach Broadband product family to get in depth explanations of all the product options available.