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VDSL Loop Extender

The VDSL Loop Extender,  like our famous ADSL Loop Extender, is placed between the Central Office and the Subscriber and equalizes the signal to increase your effective range by 60%. This is the most cost effective solution to extend the deployable range of VDSL technologies currently available.

As the demand for high speed increases, more and more Telco's are deploying VDSL.  But the effective range of VDSL is so short, that it becomes extremely costly to make VDSL available throughout your serving area.  By adding the VDSL loop extender to these long loops, you can extend your 15-30M serving area without the additional cost of power, fiber and right of way.

 The VDSL series was completely re-designed in 2018.  There are no more configuration switches.  The placement location has become more flexible, the power consumption reduced and the bandwidth improved.  We have also introduced a subscriber line power version.

Free 30 Day Evaluation for Telco's

You can try our VDSL Loop Extender products free for 30 days! During which you will receive high level support on any issue encountered. At the end of the 30 days simply return or pay for the product!