Power Supplies


Loop extenders offer a number of power supply options.  Things to consider are:

  • The number of power supplies
  • The input power source 
  • The output voltage level


Number of Power Supplies

The number of power supplies is reflected in the B1P or B4P in the power supply part number.  So the AEC-B1P... would be a single port unit, while an AEC-B4P would be a four port unit.  For higher capacities, the AEC-RACK is a three rack unit shelf that can accept up to 13 AEC-C2P two port power supplies.

Input Power Source

Loop extender power supplies can run on either 110VAC or 48VDC input power.  This option is designated in the part number through the use of D48 or A110.  For example, the AEC-B1P-A110 is an AC input power device.  220VAC is also an option.

Output Voltage

Some loop extenders work best with lower voltage 116vDC while others work best with higher voltage 155vDC.  High Voltage loop extenders are the ipTV boosters and the VDSL loop extenders.   All others use low voltage.