ADSL Bandwidth Estimator

Usage Instructions

  • Enter the desired wire gauge, wire distances, and cable types.
  • Enter any optional comments.
  • Click the Data Engineering tab to analyze bandwidth ped by ped or the Solution Wizard  tab to get a recommended solution for your requirements.
  • If the Data Engineering tab doesn't predict enough bandwidth, use the solution wizard to see how to achieve your desired result.
  • Print or Save the loop makeup as needed.
  • If you are having trouble, check the Troubleshooting Tips.


The ADSL Bandwidth Estimator is designed to represent a customer's loop on a ped by ped basis. In this way it can provide installation points for the Widearea AER800 series Loop Extender that mirrors your own access to the loop plant.

If your loop makeup involves aerial cable, the ADSL Bandwidth Estimator provides temperature settings to examine the effect of extreme temperatures on the loop makeup. it is important to examine these results as it is sometimes possible to install an extender during the winter that will not work during the warmer summer months due to increased resistance on the line.

  Strowger Bandwidth Estimator

DSL Type: Comments (Optional):
Wire Gauge Cable Type Comments (Optional)
Retrieve loop make-up:
Gauge Type Length(Ft.) OHMS Voice DB Loss
Gauge Type Length(Ft.) OHMS Attenuation (dB) No Extender Express Power Line Power Extender is OK at end of this section
Telcordia EWL: Ft
Minimum Express Power Placement Range: Ft
Minimum Line Power Placement Range: Ft
Maximum Placement Range: Ft
Solution Wizard
Loop Attenuation calculated on Data Engineering tab: dB Feet
Longest reach untreated customer in this binder group: dB Feet
Downstream Bandwidth objective: Mbps
Upstream Bandwidth objective: Mbps
Max regenerator section: dB
Max reach of this solution: dB Feet
Margin of error: dB Feet

Solution Parts List
Qty SKU Category Place product at (dB) Place product at (Feet)
DAR420-DSLAM DSLAM Regenerator
AEC-B1PH Power supplies

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