Bonding vs. Loop Extenders 

 The decision to use loop extenders vs. bonding is really easy.  Loop extenders outperform bonding in most applications and should be your first choice.  But the two technologies used together can give you benefits that far exceed either when used alone.  The charts that follow should give you a good idea about when to use each technology.


bonding reach rate chart



  The chart that follows will give you more details about the performance options available to you.  Choose the rate you need on the left and the distance from the bottom.   Follow the lines to the intersection and find a technology that can deliver at least this much speed.  The red line shows the bandwidth available on a single untreated ADSL line.  The red dashed line shows two bonded pairs.  The green line shows what a single Digital Regenerator can do. The blue solid line shows an ADSL loop extender at work.  And the blue dashed line shows an ADSL loop extender on a two pair bonded line.  Use our bandwidth estimator to get more details for your particular situation.