GoDigital, Phylogy AdrenaLine Replacement Program

Telephone companies are installing STROWGER broadband loop extenders as an economically and technically superior replacement for GoDigital and Phylogy AdrenaLine units.

Telephone companies continue to report exceptional results with their GoDigital and Phylogy AdrenaLine replacement programs. Typical replacement projects result in doubling the capacity of the line and fewer truck rolls. GoDigital Xcel-4a systems just aren't delivering on the promise of ADSL Everywhere. The performance of the latest version has been seriously disappointing and the costs of upgrading are unmanagable.

The Phylogy AdrenaLine performed reasonably well, but was always so fussy about placement.  Now as they get older, customers are compaining about truck-rolls.  The Strowger Infinite Reach ADSL solution can deliver any rate to any distance and is replacing obsolete GoDigital and Phylogy systems all across the globe.


 The Strowger ADSL Infinite Reach system consists of analog amplifiers and digital re-generators that can be used in any combination to deliver any rate to any distance.  These devices are placed along the circuit as needed to boost the signal.  

Implementation is easy.  Choose the bandwidth that you need to deliver to the customer and go out as far as you can and still get the rate you need on your test set.  Put a loop extender (LE) there.  Keep going down the line as far as you can with the boosted signal -- another mile or so -- put in a re-generator (DAR) at the last ped where you still get the rate you need.  Repeat as often as you need to to get the desired bandwidth to the customer.  The engineering is easy!

The systems can be powered by the subscriber line (48vDC) or with a separate (express) power pair (116vDC - 310vDC) depending on your needs.

Try the Solution Wizard in our ADSL Bandwidth Estimator to get an idea about how flexible this system is for delivering broadband solutions to your customers.