ADSL Loop Extender

ADSL Loop Extender

The ADSL Loop Extender is a small extender placed between the Central Office and the Subscriber that equalizes the signal to increase your effective range by 40-50%. This is the most cost effective solution to extend the deployable range of ADSL technologies currently available.

After you add the cost of access, the cost of even a small remote DSLAM can be as high as $2000 per subscriber. A loop extender can be installed in minutes for only $150. Your marketing department has a long wait list of customers for ADSL. For each customer on the waiting list, you will find 8 more that call in as soon as their neighbor starts talking about how they can get ADSL now. These long reach customers are fiercly loyal low churn rate customers. Using an ADSL Loop Extender is an easy way to bring in some extra revenue from High Speed Internet (HSI) and improve your image in the community. The single port loop extender is about the size of two packages of cigarettes and fully outdoor hardened.

Our Loop Extenders have been deployed widely by rural independent telcos all across the USA and elsewhere around the world. Become an evangelist for this technology; help us show your management how they can add 5% to the bottom line with a 3 month ROI.

Series Optons:

ADSL Loop Extenders are available in four series:

  • Basic ADSL Extender - This series is built for normal Annex A applications.  This loop extender will deliver an extra 40% reach up to 12 Mbps.
  • Connect America Extender - This version has both upstream and downstream amplification targeting maximum reach for 4Mbps down and 1 Mbps up. This extender is identified with "C" at the end of the product code.
  • Annex M ADSL Extender - Useful for situations where you need more than 1Mbps upstream.  This extender is identified with an "M" at the end of the product code.
  • ipTV booster - This is a special Annex A extender with a little extra power that can give you an extra 50% reach up to 20 Mbps.  This extender is identified with a "B" at the end of the product code.

Powering options:

Depending on the model chosen, Loop extenders can be powered using a separate express power pair or with line power from the switch.  The power pair can power up to 8 remote units.  When using express power, power supplies are needed in the central office, remote cabinet or customer premise.   For line powered models nothing is needed in the Central Office, just attach the unit somewhere near half way to the customer.


ADSL Loop Extenders are available in 1, 2, 4, 8 or 24 port configurations.  The one and two port models are self contained and small enough to easily fit inside a pedistal, making installation a snap; yet they are durable enough to also mount on a pole.  The 4, 8 and 24 port versions are designed to allow single subscriber cards to be added into a re-enterable enclosure.  The enclosures are designed to be pole mounted and can be ordered with or without a cable stub.

Free 30 Day Evaluation for Telco's

You can try our ADSL Loop Extender products free for 30 days! During which you will receive high level support on any issue encountered. At the end of the 30 days simply return or pay for the product!

We have been using the AER800 ADSL Loop Extender for a few years now. It has allowed us to reach our ADSL customers with minimal investment in both time and labor. It is a great product, highly recommended.PT Communications, Inc.

We are a small indepedent Telco located in rural central Illinois. Because of long loop distances we were unable to provide HSI to all of our customers, until we discovered the AER800 ADSL Loop Extender from Strowger, Inc. We have purchased an deployed one, two, and eight port versions and continue to be completely satisfied with all of them. Consequently, we are now able to offer all of our customers HSI. MTCO Communications