Occasionally, customers report problems with "ring trip".  The customer will report that their phone rings once, then quits.  Often they can still answer the phone, but sometimes it will busy/alarm.  This is usually caused by:

1.  Premature tripping of the surge suppressor due to extra high ring voltage or foreign voltages.

2.  Worn surge protectors caused by repeated surge trauma.  The most common cause for this is poor bonding and grounding.  If you aren't bonding, the loop extender may become the best path to ground for lighnting strikes.  This is a repairable issue, go to rma.strowger.com.

3.  For line power models, wrong switch setting; check that the switches are set for low current mode.

4.  For line power models, you might have too much power demand on the line.   Check the current draw on the line at the office with the loop extender working and phones on hook.   Normally, this test would show 0mA current on the line, but with a line powered loop extender you should see less than 4.1 mA on the line.  If more than this, check for souces of power loss in the circuit.   Check for partial shorts, water in the line, etc.

5.  For line power models, you may be too close to the office.   Move the extender more than 8000ft / 26AWG or 11,000 ft / 24AWG from the switch.

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