DAR420-DSLAM Digital ADSL Regenerator


The DAR, housed in a heavy protected outdoor box, regenerates the ADSL signal for 4 different customers. It is a digital ADSL signal regenerator that provides transparent transmission between the exchange location and distant subscriber. The system can extend the signaling distance (or the bandwidth) for up to 4 individual subscribers over their existing copper pairs using the latest coding / decoding and remote power feeding solutions.

The DAR420-4P when ordered with the -DSLAM tag is configured in full power mode. In this mode, the DAR is working just like a DSLAM and is generating the signal in its full original state. Because of this, untreated ADSL signals on adjacent pairs may be impaired. The user should be mindful of the impairment on adjacent subscribers and be prepared to treat subscribers on adjacent pairs if necessary.

The DAR requires additional power pairs. One power pair providing 155vDC can run 1 or 2 subscribers. A second pair with 155vDC can run all 4 subscribers. A single power pair supplying 310vDC can run all 4 subscribers. See DAR-RACK (310vDC) or AEC-RACK (155vDC) for further options.

The system contains 2 main units:
  • RPF – Remote Power Feeding unit, located at the Exchange which can provide the power for 4 Regenerators
  • DAR – Digital ADSL Regenerator, located somewhere in the middle of the link which digitally regenerates the signal for up to 4 customers
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 295 x 175 x 50 mm
  • Weight: 1100 g
  • Installation: wall/pole/pit installation
  • Operation: ETSI ETS 300 019-1-3 class 3.3 / ETSI ETS 300 019-1-4 class 4.1
  • Storage: ETSI ETS 300 019-1-1 class 1.2
  • Transport: ETSI ETS 300 019-1-2 class 2.2
  • Operational temperature: -30 .. +70 °C
  • Relative humidity: 0 .. 100 %
  • Protection: IP66
  • Configured for full power dslam operation