ADSL Pair Gain

ADSL Pair Gain

The ADSL Pair Gain Extender system is a line multiplexer that provides transparent transmission of the combo POTS + ADSL service between the exchange location and distant subscriber. The system can connect 
up to 8 subscribers over one or two copper pairs using the latest S(H)DSL and remote power feeding solutions.

Targeted applications:

The target application of the system is to provide an average ADSL service for those subscribers who are:

  • living too far from the exchange to get reasonable ADSL speeds,

  • cannot get telephone or ADSL service due to the lack of coppers,

  • serviced via concentrators and multiplexers that are not compatible with ADSL (like PCM).

Systems structure:

The system contains 3 main units:

  • Optional repeater(s).ADSL Extender CU – located at the Exchange which provides physical connections up to 8 integrated ADSL + POTS combo ports after the splitter,

  • ADSL Extender RU – located somewhere close to the subscribers which provides physical connections up to 8 CPEs.

  • Optional repeater(s)

The CU is a rack-type version where the SBR sub-rack provides the connection facilities and the 48/60 Vdc power to the CU. Since the setup of the Exchanges varies country by country, the connection can be done to the exchange splitter/MDF where the POTS and ADSL lines are connected or to the DSLAM directly.

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