Data PowerBoost

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Line Powered remote wi-fi Access Point

DataPower_Booster_Remote_UnitAs computing intelligence becomes smaller and cheaper, more and more applications for remote semi-autonomous devices are becoming evident. Remote cameras are everywhere.  Outdoor wifi hotspots are hot sellers.  Lately, wearable computers are in the news; eventually small, cheap computers will be stuck on everything, everywhere -- and they will need remote power and communications.

Google Fiber is offering plain old broadband (5M down 1 up) for FREE!  Is that where broadband is going now?  Will Cable TV companies follow that lead and offer free internet?   Wireline Telco's really need to continue to advance their service offerings to stay ahead of the barbarians.

One service the wireline telco's can offer that no competitor can touch is a combined data and power solution. A simple Power over Ethernet service available at every pole would have surprising applications. Often times, coordinating delivery of services requiring power, data and equipment to a remote location is just too complicated for the end-user to manage the systems integration himself.  A turn-key solution offered by the telco for remote power, security and communications could be a lucrative new business opportunity that gives your data service a power-boost.

Targeted applications:

The target application of the system is to provide a combined data and power service for these applications:

    • Basic Power over Ethernet service avalable anywhere.
    • Beam Wifi service into adjacent operating areas from the edge of your service area
    • Offer Wifi service in your serving area from any pole without power hook-up
    • Help municipalities deploy remote traffic monitoring, speed traps
    • Help radio stations deploy traffic cameras
    • Remote security systems -- Look in-ward surveillance .. Cameras mounted on the building have a limited view.  Mount a camera at a distance that can watch the whole property easily.
    • Redundant power applications
    • Allow customers to easily spy on their competitors.  Business is slow at my restaurant today - lets see if Joes' cafe is busy.
    • Banks have a boatload of empty properties that should be monitored.
    • Landlords want to monitor their properties.
    • Surveillance of sensitive remote sites, like power substations, anhydrous ammonia distribution plants, remote DSLAMs.
    • Remote weather cam, weather monitoring stations
    • Lets record a picture of every car and license plate that enters the subdivision, parking lot, town
    • USB device charging station
    • Remote DSLAM power
    • Femto-cells

Systems structure:


The system contains 2 main units:

  • Central Control Unit (CU) – located at the Exchange which bonds physical connections to DSLAM and power.

  • Remote Unit (RU) – located somewhere close to the subscriber which provides POE connection.  It can utilize 1-12 subscriber pairs.

The CU is a rack-type version where the rack provides the connection facilities and takes 48vDC from CO battery / fuse panel.

Power Available

17 - 0.0036 x R  watts per pair where R is the loop resistance.  Solutions available for 1 - 12 pairs.


The parts required for this application are:

DAR-R4P Remote Power Feeding Card – 4 Power Feeding Interfaces


DAR-NMS Network Management Card

REMOTE Power Unit
RPW-1-12V Remote Unit – 1 Channel RPF 5-18V Output NO POWER MANAGEMENT

RPW-2-12V Remote Unit – 2 Channel RPF 5-18V Output

RPW-2-48V Remote Unit – 2 Channel RPF –5-18V/ 48V/Optional PoE Output

RPW-4-48V Remote Unit – 4 Channel RPF– 5-18V/48V/Optional PoE Output

RPW-2-48V-V Remote VDSL Modem - 2 Channel RPF -POE Output

RPW-4-48V-V Remote VDSL Modem - 4 Channel RPF - POE Output

RPW-2-48V-VAP Remote WiFi AP with VDSL UPLINK + POE Output (including 2 high gain antennas)

RPW-4-48V-VAP Remote WiFi AP with VDSL UPLINK + POE Output (including 2 high gain antennas)