Our factory in China re-tooled to make face-masks for the outbreak in China and now has excess production capacity for medical supplies..  These are being offered to hospitals and medical groups able to buy in quantity.  Strowger has a 20 year relationship with the companies in this supply chain, so the supply should be reliable and reorder-able.

If you are in dire need for masks, we can ship them airfreight.  Airfreight is expensive.  It triples the cost of a mask, but they can be delivered in about a week.  Ocean freight is relatively cheap, but can take 6-8 weeks to deliver.  We will quote both airfreight and ocean freight and you can choose based on your urgent need.  

The market for masks is pretty chaotic now.  With government in the market buying and distributing masks, we really can't predict the market for these next week or next month. We can't rely on a cancel-able purchase order.  To guard against falling demand in the near future, we need payment with your order.